Cultural Appropriation

In the March 2018 issue of Instyle magazine, on page 322, I came across an article titled: “Wrap It, An ode to the sublime and statement-making art of the head wrap” by Joan Juliet Buck.  Ms. Buck’s article begins by praising the designer, “Marc Jacobs” for “summoning the headwrap back into fashion”, giving credit to … Continue reading Cultural Appropriation

Not Just a Superhero Movie to Us

By Vanessa Rivers 2 September 2020 I originally wrote this in 2018 as a response to an opinion piece in my local newspaper after the "Black Panther" movie was first released. Due to the passing of Chadwick Boseman, I thought it would be fitting to repost it. At that time, I didn't realize that the … Continue reading Not Just a Superhero Movie to Us

Our Culture is Worth Preserving

by Vanessa Rivers I went to a Town Hall meeting last night, held by County Commissioners, to receive input from the community about what should be built at the site of the former “Moulin Rouge” Hotel and Casino in West Las Vegas, NV.   The significance of this property is that when black performers like Sammy … Continue reading Our Culture is Worth Preserving

The Ball’s in Their Court

by Vanessa Rivers “Would you please stop saying that, please”?  "NO, it’s not ok, NO, it’s not just a word”.  This is an experience that I had on the first day of a discussion group held at the University that I had joined.   The leader told us about a movie, where this Army Drill Sergeant … Continue reading The Ball’s in Their Court

No, We Will not Shut Up

by Vanessa Rivers I am happy to see that our federal government is taking Domestic Terrorism seriously, so much so that the FBI published a report on August 3rd, nine days prior to Charlottesville, outlining the “Domestic Terrorism Analysis Units” surveillance of the newest hate group who are endangering our lives with hate, bigotry, racism … Continue reading No, We Will not Shut Up

Eye of the Beholder

by Vanessa Z. Rivers This weekend I saw a tweet that said that the Obama’s have commissioned Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald to paint their Official Portraits for the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC.   They will be the first black artists to officially paint a presidential couple.  I thought that this was such … Continue reading Eye of the Beholder