“Legalizing Blackness” highlights how black people in America are undervalued, underestimated and marginalized in the eyes of the media, on our jobs, in educational settings, and genrally in the minds and hearts of white America.  It can be jaw-dropping how the simplest of activities like, walking, running, standing, or sitting is somehow seen as “criminal” when it’s done in our black bodies.  I want to highlight the institutionalized racism, and microaggression that we are forced to navigate through daily.  I also want to shine a spotlight on the brutality we receive at the hands of law enforcement, and the increase of white American’s who act, as if, it is their “duty” to “put us back into our place”.   I want to lift our people up, as the “survivors” which we are, but not candy coat the anger, fear, and sometimes hopelessness that makes us feel like being a black person in America is a CRIME.