The world is in a collective “time out”, or if you were brought up like I was, it was called an “ass whooping “, followed by being sent to my room. We are in our collective rooms right now, & the funny thing is that our absence in moving about, is actually the best thing that has happened for the earth. Around the world, air quality is improving, building’s that were obscured by smog are being seen, sometimes for the first time by many, & animals are venturing back into areas that once belonged to them before we took over.

Many are fortunate to work jobs that allows them to work from home, & observe “social distancing. Parents & their children are spending time together, people who never cooked before, are learning how, & people are reconnecting with family & friends; mending decades old fights & grievances.

Then there are people who 3 months ago were looked down upon as just “low wage workers”, who didn’t matter, are now “essential workers”, imagine that. They are the ones going out every day risking their lives, & that of their families to keep the rest of us going.

On the other hand too many, mainly white’s, are bitching & complaining, while they sit in homes watching Netflix, & popping popcorn, that their rights are being trampled, all the while refusing to recognize their privilege.

So I’ve been thinking, what about this; instead of longing to “get back to the way things were”, let’s look at this as a world wide opportunity to do a “reset”, especially in this country. This is an opportunity to finally correct the economical, & social inequalities & inequities that have existed in this country since 1619. The question is, how do we accomplish this reset when white folks want to go back to the “status quo” which assured them always winding up on top? How do black people, keep, revive and or develop businesses without the capital to do that? How do black people survive without the small business recovery loans promised by the White House? Black people must begin to think outside the box for funding, & business models that will encompass the worlds “new normal”. We are such resourceful people, those that came before us made ways out of no ways, so we owe it to them & their resilience to not just “survive”, but to “THRIVE”

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