“What Are You Going To Do About It”?

by Vanessa Z. Rivers

Let’s face it, Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed from playing in the NFL because he had the audacity to protest during the National Anthem, peacefully I might add. We know about everything that is going on with, the players, the owners, the president and the fans, so, my question to you is, “what are you going to do about it”? Yes, I know that this is the tagline of “Joe Madison, the Black Eagle”, but it’s still a valid question. What are YOU going to do to protest the police brutality, cruelty, and the subsequent killings of unarmed black people without any accountability? Now I guess I’m being a little presumptuous, assuming YOU believe that there is “something” that needs to be done. Ok, humor me, if you do feel that there is something that needs to be done, that you want to wage your own personal “protest”, then here are a few suggestions of what you might refrain from doing during the 14 plus weeks not watching NFL games, and what you could do instead.

1. No TV during the games.
2. No sports bar patronage during the games.
3. No Fantasy Football Leagues.
4. No wearing of your team’s jersey.
5. No purchasing of NFL licensed merchandise.
6. Learn a foreign language, maybe Russian. (Duo Lingo)
7. Take a free online course.
8. Take up a hobby.
9. Spend uninterrupted quality time with you kids, friends, family or spouse.
10. Exercise, loose a few pounds before the holidays.
11. Read a book or listen to an audio book.
12. Cook and ole’ fashion Sunday dinner and invite over your family and friends.

None of these suggestions will cost you your career like it has cost Colin Kaepernick, but you will be doing your part. Don’t let anyone tell you that this is dumb, meaning how could one person like you make a difference, WRONG! Black people are the largest consumers in this country, and we must utilize that power with where and how we spend our dollars. Protests are about disruption, the players are disrupting on the field, now do your part and disrupt too.
Our black lives “do” matter too.



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